Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts - February 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
February Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts

Hey guys and welcome back! Hopefully everyone made it through the post-holiday January slump alright. I'm especially excited to share my February Bullet Journal monthly layouts with you guys because it's the first time I get to show off my new minimal monthly spreads.

As you know from my last post, I'm making an effort to be more minimalistic this year in my Bullet Journal. So far my first month of Bullet Journal minimalism been really great! I tweaked a few layouts in January, adjusted some coloring choices here and there, and now I feel really good about my current setup. It's simple, it's easy and it makes me feel all happy inside :)

Let's dive in!

February Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts

First up, the monthly overview. I switched to a calendar grid view back in October and I haven't looked back. It's certainly a lot different looking now, but I love the simplicity.

New this month is my modified level 10 life reflection and some micro-goals for the month. I created some annual goals in January and this will be a great way to keep making progress with them!

February Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar Overview 2017

Next up are my two trackers. I've been using a landscape tracker up until now so we'll see how the vertical tracker goes.

February Bullet Journal Monthly Tracker Chores 2017

My budgeting worksheet comes next. It's a lot of grey right now, but when I fill them out the black ink will really stand out and let me see what's actually important: the numbers!

February Bullet Journal Monthly Tracker Chores 2017

Nothing much has changed here with my gratitude log. Tried and true!

February Bullet Journal Monthly Gratitude Log 2017

And now for two new spreads! Awhile back I started devising a meal planning layout, but I didn't end up with a lot of room to write. Switching to a grid calendar will hopefully help with that. And while I was at it, I created a workout planner too.

February Bullet Journal Monthly Workout Planner Meal Planning 2017

That's all for my February Bullet Journal monthly layouts! I hope you've enjoyed my beautifully bare new look! See you next time.
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