Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts - April 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Welcome back, guys! March certainly flew by didn't it? But then again, when does a month ever go by slowly? Anyway, I spent some time this last weekend reviewing last month's layouts and creating my April Bullet Journal monthly layouts. As always, I'm excited to share them with you and talk a bit about my ever-evolving planning process!

Monthly Overview

2017 April Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts Bujo Overview Month Calendar Planner Planning
I know I've been waxing poetic about my calendar grid layout as my monthly overview for the last view months now (ok maybe a bit more than a few months.). So why in the world am I back to a single page vertical layout this month? Well, sometimes you've got to stare at your Pop-Tart and decide if you still love it.

Certainly there are some fellow hardcore Gilmore Girls fans out there that got that reference right? Ok, perhaps not. Let me explain...

Basically, it all comes back to intention. Since you're reading this post, I'm going to assume you're already pretty interested in creating a examined life for yourself. You care about planning ahead, organization and personal development. You spend a lot of time coming up with ways to organize all the various facets of life. But then what happens once you've come up with an a good system? A lot of times, the examining stops there. For Lorelai in Gilmore Girls, she reaches for a Pop-Tart every day, and she has for years. Then one day she realizes she's not even sure if she *likes* Pop-Tarts. This month, I'm staring at my metaphorical Pop-Tart.

If I hate this vertical layout, then I've lost nothing. In fact, I just prove how right I've been all along. But if I love this layout, I still win. I've found something that's simpler than my grid layout, that takes up fewer pages (#savetheplanet) and that I still find incredibly useful! We'll have to wait for April to play out to see which breakfast snack I like best. ;)

Goal Setting, Chore Tracking and Future Planning

2017 April Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts Bujo Overview Month Chore Tracker Up Next Goal Set Level 10 Life Intention Planner Planning

Because my monthly overview is only a single page, I don't have any room there for things I was squeezing onto my old grid view. Queue this multipurpose spread! I've crammed goal setting, chore tracking and future planning all into a single layout.

As I've been doing each month, I reassess where I feel like I'm at with my modified Level 10 Life categories. This month I'm explicitly setting a goal in each category below my self-assessment. These monthly goals directly relate to my yearly goals and I plan to set a mini-goal each day of April that corresponds to one of these monthly goals. This way I'll always keep those big goals in my mind's eye!

The next part of this spread is a small chore tracker. This month I ditched the chore tracker I had been using entirely! I decided that a lot of the chores I had originally scheduled as once a week were actually quite fine to do once monthly. In fact, there were only three chores I deemed necessary to repeat every week, so I moved those to my weekly view. The rest of the chores will live here and I'll mark them off with the date as they're completed throughout the month. (P.S. - If you're curious about how I set up my cleaning schedule, I explain all of that here).

Habit Tracker

2017 April Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts Bujo Habit Log Tracker Set Goals Schedule

There was only some small change to my tracker that month. I whittled down my habit list in an effort to focus on one "Wildly Important" new goal at a time. Once I've successfully made this new habit, I'll a a new one, but continue to track the successfully formed habits.

Last month I spent some time organizing the habits by group. When I did this I added a space between each group. It turns out that's really confusing when you're on the last few days of the month. Bye bye extra space!

Practicing Gratitude

2017 April Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts Bujo Gratitude Log Tracker Happiness

Does anything ever really change with this layout? Oh well :)

Budgeting and Money

2017 April Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts Bujo Budget Budgeting Money Tracker Expenses Worksheet Log

This one also stayed the same this month, after some minor tweaks I made last month. If you want a better explanation of my budgeting and money management, you can read all about that here.

Health and Fitness

2017 April Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts Bujo Workout Fitness Planner Meal Plan Prep Meals Eat Healthy Weightlifting

This spread is a result of some consolidation after reviewing last month's meal planning and workout layouts, and a new workout plan starting in April. I was doing Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Guide circuits for the first 12 weeks of the year, but after completing that for the 3rd time, I decided to focus back on weight lifting routine for a bit. My weight lifting plan shown here will get me through 3 weeks with only a single set of exercises. I'll be able to see each routine, check the days off and write down the weights, all in one space! If you'd like to see more on how I plan my weight lifting routines, or even just my workouts in general, leave me a comment below!

The bottom half of this spread is for meal planning. I didn't really need a huge space to plan out dinners and the lunch I meal prep for the whole week, so I'm experimenting with squishing all four weeks into a half page layout. We'll see how it goes!

Well, that's it for April! I hope you guys have enjoyed learning a bit about my decision making process for each layout. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, please leave a comment below! I'd love to hear what you're doing.

See you next time!

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April 2017 Bullet Journal Bujo Monthly Layouts Spreads Month Setup Walkthrough

Bullet Journal Monthly Layouts - March 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hello lovelies! It feels like it's only been a few days since we talked about my February monthly layouts, but the short little month has flown by. I've been pretty busy lately with boring ol' life so I haven't been able to update you guys much on any of my projects. I'm sorry, please don't hate me! Hopefully that will change here soon. In the meantime, let's take a look at my March Bullet Journal monthly layouts!

For the most part, this month's pages remained the same. I have really found my groove with the minimalistic layouts I started this year. It keeps my setup time to a minimum and really highlights what's important -- actually living my life!

Month Overview

As always, I start with my monthly overview. One change this month is the removal of the general tasks list. I haven't used it that much in the past, so I'm trying a month without it. But who knows, it might get resurrected next month!

I also changed the next month small calendar and list to take up the full length of the page and removed my modified level 10 life assessment (you'll see where I moved to in a moment).

Finally, in yet another effort to simplify my Bullet Journaling process, I eliminated one of my tools. Sorry grey Staedtler triplus fineliner, I've traded you in for the other end of my trusty N89 Tombow dual brush pen.

March Bullet Journal Bujo Monthly Over Month Grid Calendar Planner Planning


My tracker format has remained pretty much the same. The only changes this month are the regroupings in my habit tracker. I tried to break them up by category and then arrange them in order of a typical day. For instance, I grouped my Duolingo, reading and meditation habits together because they all have to do with expanding and caring for my mind. Hopefully this is easier to track throughout the day and might even help me form some habit associations!

March Bullet Journal BuJo Habit Chores Log Tracker Set Goals Cleaning Schedule


Last month I tried making all the text of my budgeting worksheet be grey but I really hated it! Back to good old black text this month. :) I wouldn't be honest with you guys if I didn't point out my own imperfections: I definitely messed up with the dates in the "Leftovers" section this month. Oh well!

Finally, I've also added a new step to my budgeting tasks this month! I am trying to save more for retirement and start investing, so I added a task to remind me to contribute to my IRA and investment accounts. Yay adulthood...

March Bullet Journal BuJo Budget Budgeting Money Tracker Expenses Worksheet Log

Workouts & Meals

Finally! A new spread!

I've had separate meal planning and workout planning spreads for awhile now, but this month I'm trying them out as one single spread. After all, diet and exercise are highly interrelated right?

All I've done here is give each day a line, with the weekends highlighted with my Tombow dual brush pen so they stand out a little more. There are three columns: one for my workout (currently doing Kayla Itsines' BBG for about about the millionth time), one for my daytime meals (breakfast, two snacks, lunch -- I meal prep them all and take them to work), and one for my dinner. Nothing too fancy, but so far it seems to be just enough space.

March Bullet Journal BuJo Workout Fitness Planner Meal Plan Prep Meals Eat Healthy


Back to more layouts I'm sure you'll recognize. Nothing new to see here, just my trusty gratitude tracker.

March Bullet Journal BuJo Gratitude Log Tracker Happiness

Living Intentionally

Remember when I told you I'd show you where I moved my modified level 10 life spread to? Fear not, because now is when I make good on my promise!

This month I'm trying out something completely new, completely unplanned and will quite possibly fail spectacularly. Each month I have been reassessing where I'm at with my five modified Level 10 Life categories (relationships, mind & body, home, fun and money & career). I make some short term goals for the month so I make at least some small progress. But after I've finished my monthly spreads and it's well into the third and fourth weeks of the month, I often forget all about what those goals were. I needed to come up with something that kept my goals in the forefront of my mind and held me accountable for making progress.

The idea for this spread came to me while I was creating my gratitude tracker. I visit my gratitude tracker every day and it's been a great way to reflect on my life. That format seemed almost perfect for what I needed for goal tracking, and so this spread was born.

I moved my monthly assessment to the top of this spread, then added a line for every day of the month. It fit perfectly this month, with not a line to spare! Each day I will visit this spread after I'm done filling in my gratitude log (on the opposite page) and I'll write something down that I did that helped me progress with one of my Level 10 Life goals.

I already have a few tweaks in mind for this spread, but I'll stay mum about those until next time. :)

March Bullet Journal Intentions Level 10 Life Goal Setting Goals Tracker Log Personal Improvement

 And that's all for March folks! As always, it's been fun giving you the grand tour of my March Bullet Journal monthly layouts.

Comment down below and let me know what layouts you're trying out this month!

See you next time!

With love from Beckasaurus!

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* This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something through these links. I promise I'll only ever post something that I know and love! You can see my full disclosure and policy here. Thank you for supporting Beckasaurus!

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March 2017 Bullet Journal Bujo Monthly Layout Spreads