Spring Cleaning: A Whole House Cleaning Plan

Sunday, March 18, 2018
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To me, Spring means two things: dusting off my spring wardrobe and, well... actual dusting. Gotta balance out the fun with the not so fun right? There's just something about pulling out the Spring clothing that turns me into Pavlov's dog and sends me running for a broom. So even though this month has been, and will continue to be, packed full of craziness due to job changes, house renovations (aka me sleeping in a bed in the middle of the living room), and trip preparation I've for some reason also decided to take on a full deep-clean of my house. Am I crazy? Yes, probably. Will I appreciate it later? .....Maybe.

In case any of you out there are wanting to tackle a good house scrub while you're 9 months pregnant, releasing your first novel and launching a new business or something, I'll let you in on how I've broken everything down. I don't like to spend a lot of time cleaning, so I've dedicated an hour or two once a week (Sundays for me) to tackle a few tasks at a time. Everything will be wrapped up in a month, which is just in time for me to leave the country and enjoy the fruits of my labor from 4000 miles away. I tried to keep all the tasks in a logical order (dust before I sweep, sweep before I vacuum, etc) and I front-loaded a lot of the work so I can harness the power of my cleaning urge now before my enthusiasm for cleaning supplies dwindles. Hope this helps you organize your spring cleaning!

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Week 1
Clean baseboards
Dust the whole house
Windex glass doors and surfaces
Clean oven
Clean microwave

Week 2
Clean stainless steel appliances
Clean cabinets
Wash and seal countertops
Hand-wash wood floors

Week 3
Vacuum all rugs
Hand-wash tile floors
Wash towels, rags and sheets

Week 4
Clean bathrooms
Sweep and wash front porch

And as a reward for scrolling all the way down, here's a bonus adorable cat photo just for you! Finn says "See you next week!"

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