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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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May is great for a lot of things, like warmer weather, longer days, the tail end of tulip season and the start of peony season and the sudden resurgence of outdoor events and markets. But the best thing of them all? The first three day weekend after five long months of no days off of work (if you work in a typical corporate American job at least). Happy Memorial day weekend everyone! Hopefully you've got a nice holiday weekend planned, whether that means it's jam-packed with activities or you're not planning to see another soul until Tuesday morning and are looking forward to your mini-hibernation. Let's make the most of the extra time off and take a sec to catch up on some of the things I've loved this May.

bike bicycle trek hybrid fx3 matte black

bike bicycle trek hybrid fx3 matte black shadow wheel

My absolutely no-contest, favorite-est, favorite ever for May is my new bike! The boyfriend and I have been talking about getting bikes for probably about two years now, and because we're both slow to take the plunge regarding any major decision, we only just now actually got them. We have matching bikes (*queue simultaneous awwws and gags*) because we're just so cool - Trek Fx3 hybrids. I should be clear that the entire reason I got the 3 model versus the other Fx models is because it was the only woman's bike that came in matte black. Yes, I'm ridiculous, but it's so damn pretty. Also I don't want a ridiculous color I'll grow quickly tired of when bikes don't exactly come cheap. We've clocked about 48 miles already after only two weeks and I'm so excited to hit the trails more as the summer goes on. Oh, and I'm officially on Strava now so let's be friends!

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And with new bikes comes...completely impractical shoes that you could never wear while biking. Right? I think that's how that works. Regardless, I walked into a DSW completely on a whim and found love -- Franco Sarto Gene sandals in yellow. They're flat, they're incredibly cushioned, they're brightly colored which is usually not me at all, but I'm absolutely loving them. The combination of the leather and suede straps plus the diagonal angle sets these sandals apart from all the other generic slides out there this season. So far my favorite outfits with these shoes have been wearing all black tops and jeans to really bring out the yellow, or when I've used them to bring a casual feel into an otherwise more put-together outfit. I am positive I'll be getting my use out of these! I see they also come in brown and black so let's see how long I can hold out. And by the way, they seem to run short, so I sized up a half size from my usual 8.5 to a 9, which fits perfectly.

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The last favorite of the month is a result of going down the YouTube rabbit hole for far too many hours -- vegan lifestyle videos. I haven't made the switch to veganism or even full on vegetarianism by any means, but I've been spending a lot of time learning about the lifestyle, nutritional considerations, effects and just getting some good meal ideas. I have a lot of things to say about why I'm becoming more and more interested in veganism and vegetarianism, so I'll probably do a separate post about that, but for now I'm just really enjoying making more plant-based meals each week. YouTube has been a phenomenal resource for hearing about all the different experiences people have had since going vegan. I definitely recommend checking out people like Pick Up Limes, Sweet Potato Soul, Nikki Vegan and Zanna Van Dijk if you're interested in learning more!

And with that, I'll leave you with this cute doggo picture. Enjoy your June!

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