A Birthday Wish List

Sunday, July 22, 2018
May have put this balloon up a full 2 weeks before my birthday...
In a few days time, I'll be turning 30. The big three oh. Old. I've got some thoughts on leaving my twenties behind which I might share with you lot in another post, but generally I'm feeling really excited to enter this new decade of life. Of course there's also the fun part of birthdays -- presents! We're not a huge birthday present family, but I'll often get one or two things, at least from my boyfriend and my sister so I'm always trying to keep a few things in mind for when they ask me what I want. Here you go guys -- a handy-dandy post, just for your convenience! *waves*

I work above a coffee shop, and across the street from two others. I make my own coffee at home most every day of the week, but on days I forgot, I really do not want to be caught without a reusable option. I would love to add one of these to my reusable kit. The fact that you can customize them however you'd like is just a bit of bonus fun. I'd choose the glass body with an all white lid and a cork band.

Summery workout clothes

I'm in desperate need of summer workout gear and 3/4 leggings just don't cut it when it's 95+ degrees outside. I need shorts. So. Badly. And tanks and light t-shirts galore. These Rec Shorts from Outdoor Voices in black are definitely up my alley. I am also willing to give the Warmup Shorts a go, or the Run Short from Girlfriend Collective. For tops, I'm apparently a huge Outdoor Voices fangirl -- the Tie Tank and the Tie Tee, the Cool Runnin's tank and the Doing Things tank are all calling my name.

Bike things
We're all in on this bike thing at this point -- we've been riding at least once a week and really enjoying it as both a form of transportation and a workout. Until now we've been borrowing maintenance stuff like tire pumps, extra tubes, a multi-tool, and chain oil (thanks Dad) but it's time we got our own. Water bottle holders, a small pack and a phone mount would also lighten the load that I force John to carry around in a backpack right now. There are so many different bike accessories we could acquire over time, but it'll be great to get a start on the basics!

I always love getting a good book. I still haven't read one of Lucy Dillion book's, All I Ever Wanted and I'd love to crack into it.  I've also been hearing great things about Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. Cookbooks are always nice, especially since I'm essentially relearning how to cook now that we've gone vegetarian. Isa Does It, Oh She Glows Every Day, BOSH!, or Chloe Flavor would all be more than welcome!

Of course I don't expect to get all of this, or even really any of it at all, but hey, you've gotta be prepared in case people ask, right?

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