Charity book sale haul

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The most magical time of the year is upon us once again! The library charity book sale has returned, this year a month earlier than normal. Despite the fact that I still have several unread books from previous years of the very same sale, I once again found myself leaving with an armful of ridiculously cheap books. Here's what I picked up:

Veganomicon - Isa Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero: I actually had to content with multiple people scouring the cookbooks table for vegan cookbooks. In Lincoln, Nebraska. I was a little shocked, but happy. I found this gem before the others and I'm so glad because I've been wanting a copy since we gave one to my parents as a Christmas gift last year. It's not the updated version, but it was only $1.50!

Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng: Honestly I know little to nothing about this book aside from the fact that it's been absolutely everywhere lately so it must be pretty good. Hardbacks aren't my favorite, but this recent of a book is quite the find at these sales so I swiped a copy.

Le Mariage - Diane Johnson: I actually read the previous book in this series, Le Divorce, when I picked it up at this sale a few years ago. I enjoyed the read, and it had some interesting commentary on the differences between French and American culture, so I'm sure the sequel will be a fun read as well.

Behaving Like Adults - Anna Maxted: It's a British chic lit author. Nothing else required.

The Complete Poems of John Keats: I really liked learning about Keats' poetry when I was in college so for a little over a buck I figured I'd pick up all of his works and get back into Romantic era poetry again.

Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe: I have this hair-brained idea that I should read the Guardian's list of 100 books everyone should read, and this one is on that list. I don't know that I'll ever accomplish that feat, but if I do, this purchase will help. Plus, the cover of this version was lovely, and I'm a sucker for book design.

Heartburn - Nora Ephron: I saw Anna from The Anna Edit recommend this book last year so here I am.

The Sun And Her Flowers - Rupi Kaur: Again, it's all over everywhere, so why not see what the fuss is about. At the very least, it's really visually pleasing!

Sketches of Young Ladies, Young Gentlemen and Young Couples - Charles Dickens: I think my brain is yearning to be back in school and learning about 19th century novels again. Charles Dickens is always a good pick, and I've never seen this before! I'm excited to dig into some social commentary.

Shell Seekers - Rosamunde Pilcher: This is a completely indulgent purchase. I already owned a copy of this from a previous book sale, but it's the mass market smaller format, which I find harder to read, so when I saw this trade paperback version I grabbed it right up. I've read a few of her novels before and really liked them, especially as autumn reads, but I've yet to read this one, arguably her most famous work. When the air gets brisk and the leaves start to turn I'll probably crack this one open.

Ladies CoupĂ© - Anita Nair: I always have a few random picks, and this is one of them. A feminist Indian novel, it follows the stories of different women riding together on a train. Sounded interesting and I like to read books from women authors outside America, so we'll give this a shot.

White Teeth - Zadie Smith: Another recommendation from The Anna Edit. I love anything with an expansive, sweeping plot with lots of characters so this very is promising.

Dirty Pretty Things - Michael Faudet: Another book I know nothing about -- it just looked pretty.
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