Things I Wish I Would Actually Do

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
1. Keep my nails looking nice
2. Exercise with regularity again
3. Actually make hair appointments
4. Garden more
5. Choose reading over mindless scrolling every time
6. Cook spontaneously, and for fun
7. Learn about a topic just to expand my horizons
8. Finish scanning all my great-grandparents' postcards to each other
9. Finally take the pile of donations to Goodwill
10. Buy and frame more art
11. Make decisions about fixing up my backyard
12. Make something
13. Buy new hangers


Things I'm Actually Doing Well
1. Knowing when I need a break from routine
2. Saving money
3. Making some progress on our house projects
4. Incorporating more veggies
5. Decluttering
6. Trying more eco-friendly alternatives
7. Composting, finally
8. Duolingo every day
9. Reading books I like and abandoning ones I don't
10. Learning new skills at work
11. Vacuuming
12. Making better purchases
13. Travelling more
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