2020 goals

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Okay, so it's already a month into the year because time seems to have gotten away from me, but I thought I'd share some of my goals for the year nonetheless.

Better late than never apparently.

I had a really nice couple of days off work around the new year and despite being unable to really write in my bullet journal thanks to an unfortunate encounter with a paring knife I did get to spend a good amount of time doing some goal setting and reflection. I know not everyone likes setting goals this time of year but I love it. I like the demarkation of time and the chance to stop and reassess how things are going and what direction I'm headed in. I especially love the time it gives me to think about a new bullet journal setup, but more on that later.

Quick note on how I do my goal-setting (and more here if you're interested). I start off the whole process by reflecting on how last year went. What were the highs, lows, accomplishments, failures, good habits, bad habits, my best time investment and my worst. Doing this gives me a chance to catch up to life and actually tune into how I'm feeling, because let's be honest, I'm usually just barely keeping my head above water. Once I've done some reflection then I spend time envisioning my ideal life to give me a sense of focus. After all this I feel more prepared to come up with a roadmap for the year.

This year I decided to break down my life into five main focus areas -- health & fitness, fun, finance, home and career. For each area I come up with a few things I want to accomplish, a small statement about why I want to accomplish it, and then a couple things I can do or track to help me accomplish the bigger goal.

Finally, having said all that, here are my 2020 goals for the year!

1. Health and fitness
Get back into shape
-Exercise an average of 5 times a week
-Track calories

Eat a diverse diet
-Have a green with every meal

Manage anxiousness
-Start mediation practice
-Do yoga daily

2. Fun
Go camping

3. Financial
Increase retirement savings
-Increase 401k contribution percentage
Stick to a budget
-Create a budgeting spreadsheet that works for you
-Log expenses within 2 days of spending

4. Home
Feel settled
-Schedule a cleaning day once a week
-Complete 1 organizational task per quarter
-Complete 1 home improvement task per quarter

5. Career
Improve hard skills
-1 learning activity per month
-Read 4 technical books
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