An Accidental Mid-Season Haul

Monday, November 13, 2017
Some times I agonize over a big purchase. I break out the trusty Bullet Journal, weigh the pros and cons, hunt for the best price and then hem and haw a little more just for good measure. And then there are the times where I somehow spend a cool couple hundred dollars without meaning to at all...

My first shopping trip this weekend was actually pretty innocent. I started off with some light T.J. Maxx browsing before I went out to dinner with the boyfriend. Here are the first few things I ended up with:

Schmidt's Natural Fragrance-Free Deodorant
I've been trying to move toward products with less plastic in their packaging so this find really made me happy. The glass jar is much more recyclable and potentially even reusable! I already am using up a stick of their Bergamot and Lime scented deodorant which I've been liking, but the scent can sometimes conflict with my perfume and like a good French-cool-girl-obsessed woman, I aim to smell like my perfume and not a ton of other things. More than one reason to get excited about a deodorant!

Fownes Brother's Leather Gloves

Just this prior weekend I was doing a little Kon Mari on my winter accessories and I decided that out of the three pairs of gloves I had, I liked exactly zero of them. Now, living in Nebraska in November, you can't just get rid of them all, so I did keep one of the less offensive pairs that were better for doing outside work like shoveling. However, these really weren't smart enough for work. What I'm trying to say is that it was basically fate when I walked into the store to see a whole table of black leather gloves. These ones are supposedly made by a company that have been making gloves since 1777, so hopefully they are good quality. The best part about them is that they use U|R technology which allows you to use any part of the glove on your smart phone, and they're super accurate. Thank you you beautiful fashion-minded scientists.

Smartwool Hiking Socks

So the whole of my mom's side of the family has a thing with socks. I think we can all blame it on my grandparents who had us going on hiking trips with them from the moment we could be strapped to the back of another hiker. When you hike you need great socks, and once you're had great cushy, warm wool socks, you really don't want to go back. So yeah, yeah, these say hiking socks, but in reality they're probably gonna see more of the short trek to my fridge from the couch than actual trails.

That wasn't so bad, right? The only problem was that it kept going. Next up, a quick trip to the newly opened Dick's Sporting Goods store.

North Face Beanie

Seriously though, the Kon Mari method really makes you realize how much stuff you've had just because it's been around forever, not because you actually like it. That was definitely true for the tattered, pilling knit hat I had. Out with that, in with this store opening sale men's vintage-look cream beanie. On my tiny little head it's nice and roomie, and I love that it has the old North Face logo. Reminds me of the backpack I had when I was in first grade!

And then there was the fated trip to Marshall's. This is what really did me in...

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rollerball Duo

Do I even need to explain this one? These scents are both amazing. I already own this exact set, but it's getting down to the very last few drops. These are perfect for throwing in your purse on a night out, or even just on a day full of errands.

Workshop Republic Clothing Chunky Knit Sweater

I have no idea if this brand is even sold outside of discount stores like Marshall's but I don't even think I care. I've been looking for a light colored, chunky knit, loose fitting sweater to break up the monotony of my mostly black winter wardrobe for several months now and I finally found one. Of course now that I'm itching to wear my new sweater, the weather magically warms up to 60-some degrees for this upcoming week. Thanks, Nebraska.

Calvin Klein Black Duffle Bag

This one is major. I've only been trying to find a durable, solid colored, minimally branded gym bag for the last year and a half, when my previous bag finally bit the dust. This one is perfect. It's got a strap AND top handles. It's got an inside zip pocket, two small open-top inside pockets and another zip pouch on the outside. And most importantly, it's all black. Lovely.

Even more Smartwool Hiking Socks...

Ok I have a problem. I bought all the plain ones the store had in stock. To be fair though, most of these are going to go to my mom and sister for Christmas.

Pendleton Throw

This is the truly random purchase. I saw this while wandering around in the Home Goods side of the building, where I shouldn't have even been as it's always so tempting. However, I'm so glad I found this. At this very moment I'm wrapped up inside of it and it's so gloriously soft and cozy. Not only that, but I'm also obsessed with the pattern. I'm looking to update my living room soon and this will definitely be part of my inspiration.

Meanwhile, there was actually one thing I actually did plan to buy:

Everlane Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

I've been eying this one since last winter. This year I saved up the remainders of my weekly budget in order to get one and it finally arrived on my front porch this Friday. It's super soft and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it!

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