December Bullet Journal Spreads

Sunday, December 3, 2017
December already?! How'd this happen?

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Happy December everyone! I think I'm finally done recovering from my week long food coma after attending 6 Thanksgiving dinners this year. Please don't make me eat turkey again any time soon, thanks. Now that all that eating is behind me it's time to start prepping for the next eating season, aka Christmas. With all the gift planning and holiday events, I think that December always ends up being the month where I rely on my Bullet Journal the most. Conveniently it's also the last month I use my Leuchtturm1917 notebook so I've always got a few extra pages to work with and try to use up. For my month overview this month I've used up two pages for the first time since last March, but I love how it turned out!

All the extra gift buying going on also means that my budgeting spreads are more important than ever. I gave myself a whole page for each paycheck this month because I'm sure they're fill up quickly. I'll record how much I get paid, then subtract half of my monthly fixed expenses, more for retirement savings (woo adulthood!) and then create my monthly budget from there. Here's to hoping I can try to stick with it...

Trying to retain a semblance of normalcy in December is probably just as hard as sticking to a budget, but I've got to try. I always set out a few goals for the month and write them down so I can check up on my progress each week. I've yet to decide what they'll be this month, but I'm sure they'll not be too ambitious. Maybe just 'Don't forget to sleep?'

While budgeting and sticking to a routine might be hard, it's definitely not hard to feel grateful during this season. I love spending time with family and friends and I do the most of it around this time of the year. This is the first time I've used two pages for my gratitude log but I'm certain I'll be able to fill it all up with no problem.

This is my favorite spread of the whole year! I had a single page version last year which I loved, so naturally this year I decided to just make it even bigger. I color in a light each day and use this as my own little Christmas countdown! Last year I used red and green for the lights, but I haven't decided what I'll do this year yet. It definitely builds my anticipation of Christmas morning up sky high and I love it.

Meal planning is always a big thing for me and is probably the only reason I ever manage to eat any vegetables, especially this time of year. I'm am even going to try to use my Bullet Journal as a grocery list this month as well, which is a first for me. We'll see how it goes. More than likely this pages will just end up saying 'Buy more pie,' repeated a few dozen times. 

This one is pretty obvious. With all my pie eating, I'll be making sure I get some good workouts in. If nothing else, it's a great way to stay warm when it's cold, dark and icy outside (I type this while it's actually currently 61 degrees out. Nebraska is a weird place. Tomorrow it'll probably be snowing or something.) I've left a lot of space because I like to record which lifts I do, how much weight and how many sets whenever I do weightlifting, and what yoga videos I do off of YouTube (P.S. everyone check out Yoga with Adriene. She's great!)

I had a lot of fun making all these spreads a little more elaborate than my normal minimalist style! I should be ready to hit the ground running at the start of this month with all these spreads. Hopefully I make it to the end of the month without losing my mind, just in time for the planning-obsessed girl's favorite time of the year -- the new year! 

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