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Sunday, June 24, 2018
So, I've had a bit of a summer rejig as I always tend to do with the changing of the seasons. For me, summer is all about getting rid of as many layers as possible -- clothing as well as beauty layers. As I write this, we're looking at a high of 98 degrees with heat indexes well into the 100s so it's just too damn hot to be messing with anything more what's than absolutely necessary! Here's a peak at some of things I've picked up or restocked lately that help me strip back as much as humanely possible while not actually walking around half naked.

glossier mascara lash slick beauty makeup routine face becca nars yves saint laurent foundation blush lip pencil boy brow eyebrow perfume primer highlighter

glossier lash slick mascara cloud paint blush cream boy brow eyebrow you perfume

makeup routine mirror mascara glossier lash slick reflection

Glossier Lash Slick
Let's be truthful. I only picked this up because I needed to restock my beloved Boy Brown and in order to hit the free shipping amount, I needed another purchase. I had seen the marketing campaign for this and I was already really intrigued, so it wasn't really a hard sell, but they can rest assured their Instagram posts and free shipping limits are doing very well for them. It's a super natural looking mascara, which is perfect for summer when you can't even bear to think of anything that could be remotely described as clumpy. It doesn't flake at all throughout the day, nor smudge or wear off. Even when I'm bad and forget to take off my makeup at night, it's still practically good as new the next morning! Bonus: Glossier is cruelty free, unlike my previous drugstore mascara favs. I'm officially a convert!

Glossier You Perfume (again)
I'm not even sure if this counts, because it's only a sample size (again), but it's just such a perfect summer (or really any time of the year) perfume. It's florally while still managing to be fresh. It's warm while not being too heavy. I just keep coming back to it! Seriously, I don't know how Glossier does it but I've loved every single product of theirs I've tried, especially when it comes to light and airy summer time looks (or smells).

topshop denim light wash skirt h&m red slides sandals everlane black crew t-shirt hands up

topshop denim light wash skirt h&m red slides sandals everlane black crew t-shirt

Topshop Denim Skirt
I still automatically think of the 90s when I see denim skirts, but I just don't care. Skirts and dresses in the summer are great because you don't have to fully encase yourself in a denim sweat lodge aka jeans, but I hadn't really found a skirt I liked. The ones I've had previously were all a little too formal for everyday, or a little too blah (I'm looking at you, cotton elastic banded a-line skirts that for some reason I always think will work). Finally, a more structured skirt that's still super chill! I love the light wash and the frayed hem. It's high waisted so you're still flattering the thinnest part of your body and it's not so short that you're worried about flashing everyone. I hope we all collectively stick with this denim skirt trend for a few years at least!

Topshop Linen Tank Top
Cream. Tortoiseshell buttons. Linen. It's like my spring style inspiration post went personal shopping for me and found the summer incarnation of itself. It's a super easy wear, it's a dreamy summer fabric and it's super on trend while still being the kind of thing I'd be happy to wear in seasons to come. I'm a huge fan.

Everlane Black T-shirt
Everlane t-shirts are my jam. I already own a white crew neck and a white v-neck from them, so naturally it's time to expand to black. Sure maybe a black crew neck t-shirt doesn't sound super cooling in the summer, but paired with my light wash denim skirt and my yellow sandals, it's a super easy to wear, casual smart outfit that you don't even have worry about sweat patches in! The dream!

black cat linen tank top green eyes black wall

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