June Highlights

Sunday, July 1, 2018
June has easily been the most social month of 2018 yet. Now that things are warming up, people are coming out of hibernation and looking to spend as many warm summer nights outside as possible. All this people time is both refreshing and exhausting for a little introvert like me, but in the end, summer adventures are always some of the best times of the the whole year. Let's take a look at a few of my highlights from June!

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My first favorite is actually a bit of a cheat since it technically happened at the very end of
May -- I GOT ENGAGED!! The Friday night of Memorial day weekend, John planned a little date night for us to go to a local restaurant downtown. That itself wasn't out of the ordinary since we've been trying to get in at least one official date night a month, so I wasn't suspicious at all. I knew something had to be up when he sat around watching me get ready and kept asking if I was done. Right after I declared myself officially beautified, he told me to stay in the bedroom because he had a gift for me he had to go get from downstairs. When he came back up he told me he knew it was a bit of a joke between us that he never really got me gifts like stereotypical boyfriends do, so this time he got me something but didn't wrap it. Before he could give it to me though, he said he needed to tell me how much he loved me and appreciated our relationship, etc, etc, insert mushy emotions here. Then get got down on one knee (despite apparently telling himself he wouldn't do that) and proposed with the most gorgeous, perfect ring! I obviously said yes right away and then we celebrated with a fantastic dinner, wine and a walk to the 24 hour donut shop, as one does. It was completely perfect!

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I should probably just stop here because obviously not much can top an engagement, but there were still plenty of other things I loved in June. Jazz in June is a highlight every year, but this year might actually top every previous year I've attended. The weather for every show I went to was perfect, the food vendors were top notch once again and this year I had the added bonus of getting to ride my bike to the show! The absolute topper however was getting to see Jazzmeira Horn. Her vocals amazed me, her music selection was fantastic and she really got the crowd engaged in a way I've never seen at Jazz in June before. She even kept the concert going 40 minutes after it was supposed to end without giving a damn about any local noise ordinances or rental contracts. A woman after my own heart...

On a style note, I've been wearing my Topshop Moto Jamie skinny jeans to death as you can see from these pictures. The light wash is perfect for those unbearably hot days when I'm not really feeling shorts or skirts. They pair really nicely with a more flow-y, oversized tops which is exactly what I want when I'm trying to avoid sweat patches and they're also ├╝ber comfortable, which is clearly everything. Don't be surprised when you see me rocking another pair of these in black sometime soon.

And finally, remember that new mascara I chatted about in my last post? Well Glossier lash slick has quickly become a favorite. Like I said before, it's super natural looking, easy to apply, doesn't flake or smudge and, unlike my previous go-to mascara, it isn't tested on animals. Looks like I'm just going to have to get used to paying $16 for a mascara...
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