An Autumn Everlane Wishlist

Sunday, August 26, 2018
I am single-handedly willing autumn into existence over here. I've been breaking out my long sleeve t-shirts and dark denim and suffering for it, but I'm sure it'll work eventually, right?! By late August in Nebraska I just have no more sweat to give. I need autumn to come and I need it now!

Not only does autumn bring sweet, sweet relief, it also ushers in the absolute best season for fashion. Warm, earthy colors. Cozy, thick sweaters. Leather jackets, wool coats, and blazers. Boots! Every one of those items are beautiful, and in autumn you get to wear them all at once -- without melting.

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When I started looking at my fall wardrobe options, I realized that I'm actually quite short on autumn pieces. After my adventures with the KonMari method and Project 333 last year I ended up donating a lot of the autumn pieces I had. A lot of those items were almost 10 years old and virtually none of them were what I'd consider suitable basics. They didn't mix very well with my wardrobe because a lot of them were such statement pieces and they just weren't really "me" anymore anyway. Ten years ago is a long time ago, especially when you're talking about fashion choices you made at the beginning of college versus your thirties! So, happily ever after, those pieces all have new homes but not so happily ever after, I'm basically without any autumn pieces, especially basics.

Enter: Everlane. Haven't heard of them yet? Everlane is a clothing company that aims to be as transparent as possible about the factories they work with, the wages they page and cost breakdown of everything they sell. They're also making some pretty great strides in reducing their environmental impact which just melts my heart with happiness. They don't make trendy clothing -- just updated versions of classic pieces in timeless colors. In a way, their dedication to providing quality, classically stylish items you can wear season after season helps you be a little more sustainable with your shopping too.

Oh and also, Meghan Markel is a fan. Need I say more?

(If you're interested in buying from Everlane, if you want to use my referral link I'd greatly appreciate it! It's free to you -- just click here, sign up and make your first purchase. Thank you!)

I've ordered several things from Everlane in the past and I've loved everything so far. I love their crew neck t-shirts, cashmere sweaters and the silk button up and A-line cotton tank dress I recently picked up. Now I'm thinking it's time to fill in some of the holes in my wardrobe with some more Everlane pieces. Here's a rundown of what's sitting in my cart while I make the final decisions:

Everlane The Long-Sleeve Box-Cut Pocket Tee

Everlane The Cotton Boxcut Tee

The Cotton Box Cut TeeThe Long-Sleeve Box-Cut Pocket Tee

I live in jeans and t-shirts. Despite this, I actually only have about five short sleeve t-shirts and a single long sleeve t-shirt, and three of these items are Everlane tees. Their crew tees are well cut, not too tight, super soft and high quality and I'm sure the same will be true of their short sleeve box cut tees so I'll pick one up. My one long sleeve shirt I own is actually this same long sleeve tee and I'd love to grab another but in black.

The Slim Cotton Long-Sleeve Crew

These are obviously very similar to the box cut tees, just slimmer. I love to wear a slimmer tee when I'm wearing straight leg jeans or layering under a blazer so these should be perfect for that. I wore holes through my last plain, slim cotton tee so I know I'll get a lot of use out of these!

Everlane The Cotton Double V Tank

The Cotton Double V Tank

A tank top? In autumn? Again with the layering possibilities. My office trends from boiling hot (thanks computers) to freezing so I like to keep my options open, even as the weather cools outside. I saw Signe over at Use Less Wardrobe wearing this tank and I was immediately sold.

Everlane Classic French Terry Sweatpant Slim Classic French Terry Crew

The Classic French Terry SweatpantThe Slim Classic French Terry Crew

Now for the cozy stuff! I desperately need some loungewear; for the last 10 years I've been wearing old men's large Champion sweatpants that a girl I ran track with in high school borrowed from her boyfriend and then gave me. I'm a 30 year old woman wearing some 16 year old guy's 10 year old pants.... I don't think I need to explain much more here. I can't wait to look like a real life adult when I'm out doing my errands and eating ice cream out of the carton on my couch.

Everlane The Cotton Turtleneck Tee

The Cotton Turtleneck Tee

Last year I really wanted a thin-knit, black turtleneck but for some reason I just never got to it. This year I will right my wrongs!

Everlane Hipster Thong Bikini Underwear Panties

Hipster, Bikini & Thong Underwear

The most glamorous of wishlist items. I need to retire some of my existing underwear (because hole-y underwear just isn't attractive) so I want to try out some of their cuts with their 3 for $27 deal. No frills, normal-colored underwear that isn't made in a super sketchy sweatshop is pretty hard to find so I'm glad they started making underwear!

Everlane The Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Notch Shirt

The Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt

Last but not least, an absolutely beautiful silk shirt that in all reality I probably won't get, but damn do I want to. Look at that. Those notches. That color. The cut. It's all so lovely. Dearly Bethany recently did an Everlane try-on video and it just looks soooo gooood. It can stay in my cart just a little longer...

I probably won't get all of these items, but it's sure fun to pretend shop. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with whatever I do end up buying! Good luck with your own autumn wardrobe shopping!
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