August Highlights

Sunday, September 2, 2018
Happy Labor Day weekend to all my fellow American friends! September's finally here, so it's time for an August wrap-up. I had a bit more downtime this past month compared to my busy July but I still got to do some pretty fun things!

Earth Wind & Fire concert funk big band brass vocal guitar show

Probably the most fun, loud and certainly most-sequined night I had this past month was a Tuesday evening. My dad is a huge Earth, Wind & Fire fan so when they announced a show here, my whole family bought tickets right away. Even though the three remaining members are nearly 70, they still put on a ridiculously energetic, fun, impressive show. In fact, I think their bassist might be my new favorite old man. Go watch some videos of him performing and you won't be disappointed! The new members of the band, including one of the original members' son, were equally talented and even brought a little something new to the band's sound and production value (it's as much a visual show as an audio one with these guys!). We danced, we sang, we mimed playing backup brass -- family full of musicians here, much? -- and we left ready to go crank their albums in the car ride home.

Another definite highlight from the month was both a happy and sad one. My grandma's sister, Bonnie, passed away in May, but her memorial wasn't held until this month. Our family is a little unique because my grandma's sister married my grandpa's brother, so we all share the same extended family. A lot of my family came for the memorial so it was fantastic getting so to see them for the weekend, but it was also really touching and interesting to hear about Bonnie's life when she and my grandma were young girls and as they grew up, married into the same family and started their own families. Be sure to treasure those stories you hear from your parents and grandparents when you can!

tomatoes zucchini cantaloupe veggies vegetables garden organic home grown

cantaloupe growing leaves green garden home grown organic

On a lighter note, another thing I enjoyed this August was all the produce from my garden. It's peak produce time and I love being able to concoct whole meals from things I grew myself with only maybe one or two things I had to get at the store. It makes me feel accomplished, close to nature and appreciative of what a tiny little patch of land can give to us lowly humans. My body certainly loves eating all these veggies too.

paint house home improvement exterior trim renovation upgrade modern cream blue
From navy blue, cream and orangey-red...
paint house home improvement exterior trim renovation upgrade modern grey charcoal
...To light grey, charcoal and a red that's perfectly matched to the brick!
Lastly, the longest running home improvement project is finally done! I started painting my house last year, and I did all that I could on the first two floors, but I just wasn't up for scraping and painting my soffits as well as the attic dormers and trim. A year later the handyman my family has always worked with has finally recovered from the shoulder surgery he had last year and has wrapped up all the painting and repairs here! I finally have trim board that's all one color! I'm sure my neighbors probably appreciate this just as much as I do.

Now it's time for football and volleyball season, apple picking and falling leaves! Enjoy the start of your September everyone! Until next week...
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